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Hi! This is Megan with and today I just wanted to take a minute and show you our new 1/4lb vintage metal buttons assortment this is one of those things that when I saw the box full of all of these goodies in the show room I actually squeal I didn't know they were coming so it's very exciting for me. This is right up my alley and also you get a lot of buttons. You get like this whole little bag full and that's all of these and I started playing around right away and making some simple like glue on projects. So I have like five pairs of post earrings I'm working on a pair of clip on earrings and made this cool bezel ring I've barely made a dent. I've made you know I've got the buttons here for six earrings and a ring and I barely made a dent in my giant pile of buttons so there's all different assortment of buttons that you'll get it's kind of a mixed bag. It is a mixed bag literally You can't really guarantee what you're gonna get but there's I found hair samples most of the buttons in here I think there is only one or two they did have a mate and there's lots of sizes on the way from these little bitty here at the anchor all the way up to some really really large ones you can really find an extreme variety in here. You can use them for so many different things another thing that I just want to show you is how easy it is to cut the shank off of these buttons the shanks are hollow so I'm just using a pair of flush cutters and you wanna make sure to where safety goggles though because they can fly off of there just put the flush cutters all the way flush against the back of the button and snip. It goes right through and go to the other side the repeat that and sometimes you have to go from the other direction too but they come off relatively easily 'cause they are and then to make sure that it lays flat against whatever you're going to attach it to, I just take a pair of chain nose pliers, close them up push down with the side to try to make sure that that goes flat if you're worried about this sharp-edged, be careful first of all it's a sharp edge but if you're worried about the sharp-edge poking through what you're going to put it on, you can use a diamond file to file that down if you're going to glue it onto something metal, you're not really worried about it, you can just push down and make sure it lays flat there's definitely a lot of possibilities for playing with these it's a really awesome assortment. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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