Medium Green Aventurine Pendant Delicate Carved Leaf 47-50.5mm

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  • A lovely and eyecatching carved leaf pendant. A slightly translucent stone in a classic shade of medium green with some tiny white flecking. Hang from a simple cord, or embellish your necklace with complimentary beads. This leaf is probably too big for earrings.
  • Measurements: 47-50.5mm long, 29-30mm wide, 6-6.5mm thick. Drilled from side to side at the top, as in photo. Hole is less than 1mm in diameter. No two of these handcarved leaves exactly alike in color or size.
  • 1 Leaf Pendant.
  • SKU: SPAV-83
  • Weight: 0.32 oz
Additional Information
Shape Leaf
Materials Gemstone
Package Type Standard
Theme Botanical
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Medium Green Aventurine Pendant Delicate Carved Leaf 47-50.5mm

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