How to Make Chain Drop Earrings with Austrian Crystal Opal Shimmer Beads

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make the Lemon Drop Earrings using Austrian crystal beads and sterling silver findings. First, you will see how to measure your chains to achieve a graduated look. You will see how to hang your beads in the order shown using head pins and simple wire loops. You will also see how to attach your beaded chain dangles to a post earring. Finally, you will see assorted shades and sizes of Austrian crystal round and bicone beads with the Opal Shimmer finish.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to so you how to make chain drop earrings featuring Swarovski crystals so on the table here you see I've got a couple of projects one completed set of earrings and one that we'll be making the pair two this is the lemon drop earring and it's made in sterling silver with some opal shimmer Swarovski crystals and this is the yellow color and the completed earring uses the Pacific now over here to the left I want to show you the different range of colors that we have in these beautiful white we've got a rose water chrysolite there's Pacific we've got yellow cyclamen and then on the end this is iris now you can see the iris is clear it's not the opal finish and just for comparison that's helpful the opal finish is sort of a light a B as opposed to the regular and that milky undertone really softens it so the round beads are available as large as eight millimeters and as small as four and then the bicones come as small as three millimeters and these are the six millimeter beads so back here to our project let's focus on the findings I've got some chain here that's the 1.75 millimeter sterling Rolo chain I've parceled out the bits that we're going to be using I've got a four millimeter jump ring some 3/4 inch sized head pins and then a 5 millimeter ball post earring and we'll be using each of the sizes of the crystal for tools I have bent chain nose pliers regular chain nose pliers some round nose pliers and the cutters were what I used to separate the chain so to get started I will bring in our little bits of chain here and explain the sizing now what's nice about this design is whether you're using graduated sizes of beads or not you can use the same measurement of chain so it ranges from a quarter inch to half inch to 3/4 inch and then we're just going to create some simple wire loops at the bottom with these beads so it's a pretty quick and easy project comes together very simply and you notice that I used very short head pins and that's because with the sterling silver if you don't want to waste your wire then you don't need a longer head pin so these are 26 gauge and what I'm gonna do is just insert that head pin into my 4 millimeter bead I'm gonna angle right off the bead with my round nose plier and come around the top in a loop across the base with my cutter so I'm going to snip I would snip the end but you know what here's a tip I actually before I cut for a simple wire loop I like to open it up and slide it onto whatever chain I'm using it's a lot easier to use this longer tail to get that on there so let's go ahead and do that I'm gonna get this and link of my chain lengths here this is my quarter inch chain slide that on and he'll grip onto the loop that I made get it in place actually I don't need to coil because it's not a wrap I'm just gonna clip let me make sure I get the loop the right size just clipping right at the base and then with my plier close that loop shut that's my first angle so I'm gonna do the same thing now with my next size up by 6 millimeter bead angle off the top grip close to the bead there and loop up over and around before I clip I'm gonna grab my next length of chain here finally and Lincoln snap that on and I opted to do still solid sterling for this whole project because it uses really so little metal that it's nice to be able to upgrade to this sterling oops it flew there we go all right and my final length is gonna take the 8 millimeter bead and again I'm going to angle off the top of that bead grip with your player right like so against the bead if you'd like and then loop over the top across the base latch it on and I will say that for the gold pair the gold version is plated you could certainly do it in gold filled and it uses slightly larger components so we'll take a look at that once we're done you can really make these your own by using different styles of chain different shapes and sizes of beads so the way I'm going to connect these is on my 4 millimeter jump ring 22 gauge which I'm going to open up with my pliers and I'll slide each of my end links on in order of size so will graduate those in the kind of waterfall effect now a design variation could be if you wanted to continue up the other side in a symmetrical fashion that would be a very pretty clustered look I'm gonna go ahead and close this up and what I want to pay attention to now as I put it on to my post is I want these to frame the face so I see that the front is facing like so with the long one on the inside and I want to bring the opposite to the other so let's do that by opening up the loop of our post and sliding on our jump ring in a way that's going to bring that longer length to the middle when it's on the ear so there we have it and so you can see that for this sterling pair the beads are graduated the chains a little thinner and the jump ring is a little smaller and then for this gold pair the beads are all the same size and it uses a little ball head pin which creates a nice effect to go with that ball ear hook and then I chose a slightly larger jump ring to just let those chains fall smoothly rather than bunch on each other so those are two really nice ways to work with these opal finished Swarovski crystal earrings I hope you enjoyed this video and all of these beads are available at be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates we have new videos coming out every week thanks for joining us

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