Create Your Own Miyuki Glass Bead Bracelet Kit - Blue

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  • Miyuki is renowned the world over for their precise and delicate seed beads.
  • Now they have translated that perfection into a gorgeous beading kit!
  • Create a complete, intricate beaded bracelet.
  • Photo shows completed bracelet, you will receive loose beads and thread.
  • The "Blue Surge" design utilizes aqua and blue Czech beads as well as gorgeous platinum and bronze Fire Polish and seed beads.
  • Using a bead weaving technique, you will create an S-wave style bracelet, which flows gracefully around the wrist.
  • Please note, this kit will make a bracelet 18 centimeters in length, which is just slightly over 7 inches. It is not expandable nor adjustable. Make sure it will fit before purchasing.
  • We can not accept returns of opened kits.
  • Included in this kit: 48 Blue 3mm fire polish beads, 48 mixed blue 4mm fire polish beads, 48 Metallic 5mm fire polish beads, 1 Grey 8mm Fire Polish bead, 1.3grams Blue/Gold 2.5mm Triangle beads, 2 grams 11/0 Bronze seed beads, 1.7 grams 15/0 Bronze seed beads, and 4 Meters of No. 2 Nylon string.
  • The only tools you will need are fine scissors, a ruler, and a toothpick.
  • Instructions printed in clear English with black and white diagrams
  • SKU: DKIT-26
  • Weight: 1.12 oz
Additional Information
Style Bracelet
Shape Round
Materials Glass
Size Reference Chart
Create Your Own Miyuki Glass Bead Bracelet Kit - Blue

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