Instructions for Making the Betty Bracelet Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, you will learn how to make the bracelet in the Betty Bracelet Kit, which is available at This bracelet features three strands of lovely beads connected to ornate silver plated strand reducers. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make simple wire loops, created a beaded chain, and how to open and close jump rings.
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you how to make the Betty bracelet. I have an example here in pink, black and pearl. It's a fun retro color scheme I'll show you how to make it in the color variation of aqua All the other components are the same but you have this pretty aqua beads instead of the pink. So this is a really fun multi-strand bracelet with a toggle clasp. See what it will look like on the wrist and this is a exclusive kit through and you can find it on along with other kits but I wanna show you in this video how to make it from start to finish so included in your kit you're gonna receive 22 of these pretty little pearl beads, you'll get 6 small black beads, 8 large black beads, 10 of the aqua beads and 5 fluted beads which are really pretty cathedral beads, you'll get 2 jump rings, a toggle clasp, 2 strand reducers and 35 eye pins. So we're gonna construct this beautiful bracelet in this color scheme with these ingredients and the tools you'll need is a pair of chain nose pliers, a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of cutters and that is it. I'll show you how to do this It's actually really easy. It's the same technique over and over again So to start we're going to place a pearl bead onto a eye pin just like so. Slide it all the way down to the base and then you'll make a simple wire loop right after the bead you can take your chain nose pliers, bend your wire to the side take your round nose pliers, grip the wire and then bend the wire up over-the-top of the round nose pliers rotate, continue bending it. Where the wires criss-cross take your cutters and snip off any excess wire and normally I would say go through right now and clean up your loops, make sure that they're neat you would straighten that loop up but because of the way this is constructed you're gonna need to open up all these loops anyway so don't worry about having them perfect right after you make them so for the pearl segment you're gonna make six of these so again I'll show you how to do this. I'm actually going to show you a slightly different way. So you saw that a bent the wire with the chain nose pliers before you can also, if you're going to be making a lot of these the wire's flexible enough you can just bend it with your finger if you want and then it's the same technique from there, you just take your round nose, grip it bend the wire up over-the-top, rotate the pliers continue bending. Where it overlaps sniff off the extra wire and put that aside YOu want to make six of those One more tip here, you see that my loops are going in opposite directions if that happens just go ahead grip one loop with one pair of pliers grip the other loop with the other pair and twist wire is great because it's flexible. Of course you don't want to overwork it or do that too many times but one nice twist like that and the wire will be fine. I made 6 little pearl segments. Now I'm gonna take these little black beads and do 6 segments of them the same exact way put one on there, use your fingers or use your pliers to bend your wire to the side, grip it up over, rotate the pliers, pull the wire around snip off the excess. It's the same technique over and over again We've got the single pearl segments done and the little black bead segments done now we're going to do one that is a pearl, a larger black bead and another pearl. You've got those three then right after the last pearl we're gonna make a simple wire loop see what that segment looks like and so you're gonna make a total of 8 of these So we've got the pearl and black bead segments. We've got 8 of those. We've got six of the little black beads We've got 6 of the little pearls. Now we just need to make the little segments with the fluted black beads and the aqua beads again it's gonna be the exact same technique and these each are going to be single bead segments. Just put the black bead onto the yet pin, bend that wire, grab it, rotate your pliers, complete your loop snip off the access so that's one of the blacks. You'll do the other four and then the Aqua is the exact same process of course. So just one aqua bead Do all of those and then I do wanna show you one little quick tip too before I do all these. So you've got all these little ends here you'll even more when you finish these, if you want to you can grab the tip of the end of the wire, bend it around and then go in with your chain nose pliers, bend that back and you've just made yourself a new eye pin I'll show you that one more time. Take the wire, bend it around and bend that back and you have a new eye pin So all these little scraps can go to good use. You can use them for another project but right now I'm gonna finish making may beaded segments I've made all of our segments and now it's time to connect them together I'll clear off these old wires. Again don't forget to reuse them so this is the pattern we're gonna follow. We're gonna start by making one of these side beaded chain segments Follow this pattern here making one of the side beaded chain segments. Grab your chain nose pliers and grab a pearl because you see we start with a pearl and go to a black bead so we're gonna take our pliers and we're going to open the simple wire loop on the side of the pearl the same way that you would open a jump ring. Twist it apart and away from each other. You're not going try to pull it apart. You're going to twist. You can see what that looks like. Link onto it one of the black bead segments and then we're just going to twist it back in place and close it just like a jump ring so moving along you can see that we now need a pearl black bead pearl segment. Open up the simple wire loop on that end slip onto it the simple wire loop at the end of the pearl black bead pearl segment and close that. You can see now we've got three of these connected together forming a chain which is going to work our way a long so open up a simple wire loop in this case we're gonna had an aqua bead and close the loop the other side the Aqua bead. The loop is already kind of open for us because we didn't really clean up our loops after we made them and we're gonna go ahead and add-on another pearl black bead pearl segment close the loop go to the other side, open the loop put on an aqua bead, close the loop see the pattern forming here see what we've got. So we're up to there so we need to add another pearl black bead pearl segment and another aqua bead and another pearl black bead pearl segment see what we got. We just need to add one more black bead, one more pearl and we've made that entire length and you'll notice with this particular design both of the side segments are identical. You'll just make another identical beaded chain segment just like this one I've got two identical now. So now we just need to make the middle one. To do that we're going to take a black bead first open up that simple wire loop place onto it a simple wire loop from the pearl beads segment, go to the other side of the pearl open it up, attach the simple wire loop at the end of the fluted black bead, close the loop, go to the other side link onto it an aqua bead close the loop make sure you get your loops good and closed and another black bead see what we've got so far We've a black bead pearl, fluted black bead an aqua bead and a fluted black bead, another aqua bead, a black bead, aqua, black bead, another aqua bead, and then your final large fluted black bead, your final pearl bead, and your final small black bead We've got all of our chain segments now so we have to connect them together and you'll do that using a strand reducer. You'll see that you have three loops on one side and one loop on the outside so that loop there is going to connect to your clasp and this one here is the three interior ones are going to connect your chain segments together. So you're going to go ahead and again open up that simple wire loop that's really the story of this bracelet is simple wire loops Link onto it the loop on one side of the strand reducer because these are your side chain segments and we've just closed up that simple wire loop now we're gonna go ahead and attach the middle one the same way and one more end one you're almost done. Do the exact same process now on the other side. Make sure that your segments don't criss-cross, you want them to be nice and even. Attach the one that was on the outer edge of this strand reducer to the outer edge loop of the second strand reducer. You don't want it too kinked up make sure it's laying nice and flat got all those connected together and all you have to do now is add the clasp and for that you're going to use a jump ring open a jump ring by taking two pliers grabbing at either side what the slit opening, this is an open jump ring at the top you going to twist the sides apart from each other. Go ahead and link that to that outside loop of the strand reducer place onto it 1/2 of your clasp and then close the jump ring by twisting back in shape. Do that with the other side of the clasp on the other side of the bracelet and your bracelet is finished and if you're not familiar with how toggle clasp works go ahead and put the bar through the ring and then it holds it in place so this here is the Betty bracelet. It is an exclusive kit from You can find it online along with other kits as well. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and check out the other ones that we have for kit techniques and a whole bunch of other projects. 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