How to Use the Vintaj Relief Block

SKU VID-0288
Designer: Julie Bean
The Vintaj Relief Block for filing, buffing, and sanding will amaze you with it's dramatic results and ease of use. Learn how to make your metal filigrees, stampings, and findings pop and the details stand out. The two darkest grey sides are the heaviest grit for removing paint and patina, the white side is the medium grit, and the light grey bottom is for buffing and polishing.
Audio Transcript
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Thanks for joining us at as we explore the many uses of Vintaj's new Relief Block for filing, buffing and sanding. This is a very handy tool and you're come to absolutely love it. I know we sure do here. So the Relief Block, when you get it, it's gonna look like this. It's got four different sides to it. You have two dark grey sides and that is the heaviest grit. You'll probably going to use this most often. That's why you have two of them. It's gonna remove paint and patina. You have the top which in addition to having the Vintaj logo, it actually is part of the block as well. And it's going to be your medium grit side which lightly relieves embossing as well. And also raised areas. Then you have the light grey side and this is going to be your finest grit. It's going to buff and polish. So I'm going to put this on a side. It is all wonderful and clean and show you the one we've been using here. As you can see it gets a bit scuffed up but that's totally okay. It's what's supposed to do. And here are a few examples of pieces with actually already taken a Relief Block to. As you can see this side. We've actually gone ahead and buffed and remove part of the patina. Vintaj pieces are absolutely lovely to begin but sometimes you want to create a little bit more contrast and that's what this relief block is going to do. Here it is a before and after. See the difference. It really brings out the details. Okay so how does it work. How do you get to those effects. It's super easy and I'm going to show you. I'm going use the heaviest grit first because i wanna actually pull off quite a bit of that patina. It is as simple as this. You're gonna to love having this in jewelry box. There you go. I have a little bead cap here with a leaf pattern. And the leaf pattern is actually a little bit hard to see before you do this. I have some Vintaj Arte Metal right here as well. I'm going to actually start with the medium on this one. You can use the corners to just get into the fine grooves. Not only is the Relief Block great for Vintaj metal pieces but it's also good on polymer clay, paper, metal, wood. Anywhere where you want to pull pull out some extra details. Finally I have a little stamping here as well. I'm just going to use heaviest grit along the edges. And my buffing side just in the middle bring out a little extra shine. When you're finished you can seal your filigree and stampings with products such as renaissance wax. Which will help maintain their new appearance and shine. And that is how you use Vintaj's new Relief Block for filing, buffing and sanding. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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