Beadaholique Live Class: Halloween Jewelry Inspiration and Quick & Easy Project Ideas

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In this Live Class Event, join designers, Kat and Julie, to get great ideas for costume jewelry, quick and easy projects as well as some lovely jewelry to celebrate the season. Don't be afraid to use charms and finished chain for a fast project, or even glue with great Halloween cabochons.
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hi everyone it is Kat and Julie and we are back for another live class so thank you so much for joining us this class is gonna be all about Halloween just jewelry ideas costume ideas and we're here to just inspire you today so be sure to start leaving comments because we have a giveaway so our giveaway today is gonna be really fun we're giving you two of our Halloween kits here you're gonna get the jack-o'-lantern peyote bracelet kit and you're also going to get the Nevermore gravestone earring kids these are really fun and what you're also gonna get is we're gonna talk a lot about kind of charms today and we're gonna talk a lot about cabochons and how you can make quick and easy jewelry so we're giving you this lovely set of tierracast Halloween charms you get a little a little kitty a little bad a ghost and some others there as well and then we're also going to give you some blanks here and I'm going to show you a project using little tiny cabochons x' to create some fun little halloween barrettes so you'll get the supplies to do that and we're providing you with a little bit of e6000 there as well so you can complete projects with what you see here so you're gonna get some lovely cabochons Xand earring backs and ring findings as well so this is the giveaway and all you need to do to win is to just leave a comment here on our live stream and we will be giving this away live today so in about an hour so we usually we usually run about an hour so you have plenty of time to leave a comment so leave a comment you know I'm curious today where you guys are tuning in from and what you guys are gonna be for Halloween so what are your costume ideas and maybe you guys can kind of share some and get some get some inspiration just from the comment for you today Halloween is such a fun time of year is really where you get to just play yeah oh it's dress-up Incans I have to say I love the fat ears oh thank you hat that's wearing cat ears these will probably be worn all of October and I think they have to be I think you have to make a pair for everybody I know I was gonna say I was like everybody's gonna get nice color-coordinated little ears and you know I actually thought that you could do this by creating like little Mouse ears if you just round the wire or you can even create a little devil horns with some red and just kind of wrap the wire so a lot of fun ideas just in one little project tomorrow do any time like it it very good yeah oh yeah rabbit ears I like that put one down yes all right though yes on my wish list yeah so Julie why don't you kick us off with talking about some of our Halloween charms and just some inspiration that you've been able to kind of background so I always have grand ideas of having a fabulous costume and it never happens what usually happens is I accessorize with a hat a scarf jewelry and that ends up being my costume which is great you know it's really hold on I still gonna be festive and celebrate so I love charms because they are so quick and easy and they're usually right on theme you can really make them into anything you want then just pair some makeup with it a few accessories and you're good to go so here on my table I've just pulled a few of the charms and I put them into themes so we see here we've got this great spiderweb and I'm actually going to turn this into a really quick and easy necklace so if maybe you're going as a vampire that would be really fun or a witch or something like that you see we've got some Western charms for cowboys and cowgirls angel wings cheerleaders that's always a fun costume and then of course there's the costumes that really reflect was popular in the media and are inspired by different characters so we've got a really pretty rose which could be Belle from Beauty and the Beast some lightning bolts which are actually what I'm wearing right now which would be of course Harry Potter Hermione all of that type stuff Percy Jackson oh yes Percy Jackson we've got the pumpkin carriage and a castle which could be Cinderella and then Alice in Wonderland with the teapot and a little teacup Aladdin's lamp so if you're doing some of those themed characters or maybe your kid is maybe you have a child who's going as one of those has gone ahead and got the costume all put together and you want to match that's kind of a fun way of you participating and I think that's a great idea because I am with you I always have great plans and then it always comes down to what's in my closet like just a hat you just want one little extra thing to kind of pull it together to be like this is a costume this isn't just a Friday so so but yeah but I love it and honestly like you know I'm just looking at those little teapots and stuff I would wear that just after Halloween as well you know and that's always a nice thing because Halloween costumes can be very expensive they can't so having something like that where it's like oh you know those little lightning bolts you could wear that any day yeah obviously not just Halloween and I love it they're so cute I like them too and honestly guys I made these in like the three minutes before we went live yeah like I don't have earrings so it really took about three minutes so I'm gonna put together a couple pieces for you right here so you can just see how quick and easy they are so let's go ahead and do this guy first so part of what I mean like cat said Halloween costumes can be rather expensive and it's nice when you can do something that's really quick and easy and very affordable too so I'm just going to take this one piece here and a premade chain necklace so is already got the clasp on there it's complete and what I'm going to do is find the midway point and just take my cutters so I've got that middle section I'm just gonna cut right through the chain like so and now it's still got the clasp on it it's all good to go and I'm just going to attach it to those loops with a couple jump rings so you'll need three ingredients for this project jump rings the finished chain and that pretty spiderweb I've got two pairs of chain nose pliers now we're just gonna open up a jump ring and I do like the spiderweb because it is so Halloween and like I said you could be going as a vampire you could be a witch you could be hey you could be a spider you could be a ghost you can be any of those things which are really iconic Halloween themes and this will just really tie in nicely with it and then it is a fun piece of jewelry you could wear this even when it's not Halloween so I'm just opening up those jump rings and I'm finding the N chained link slipping it through it and then just attaching it to that loop and closing it back up and there we have a finished necklace and that only took me a minute or two to do so that's a fun piece now maybe you don't want to end up cutting a chain you just want to take like we've got this really pretty ball chain and maybe you're going as a princess so you got a little crown charm and we're just going to take a jump ring again open it up and Link it on you know this is great it's so nice and easy just to do it and you know what's kind of fun is you could get some friends together and you know because I know people love to do group costumes so this is a great way to be like hey guys it's all make our necklaces there and then you have a souvenir of that Halloween exactly so that's fun so there's two necklaces really quick and then I do want to do my little Alice in Wonderland so I'm not just using some earring findings and different pieces and jump rings that I had around the design space but maybe you don't have these things lying around I do want to show you we have these little kits these are really great so these are finding kiss and these are ones in particular earring finding kits if you look on the back it's telling you you're gonna get earring hooks head pins eye pins as well as a couple sizes of jump rings which is basically everything you would need if you are going to be making this type of charm jewelry and you get smaller amounts than if you were to buy a complete full pack of jump rings or a full pack of head pins so if you are making jewelry for this occasion that's nice to get everything in one nice little set yeah it makes it just that much quicker and that much easier yes so again I'm just gonna do this with jump rings I love the teeth too now I'm gonna want to create a little chain with jump rings on the way you do that is you just put on a jump ring grab another jump ring link it to the jump ring you already put on there and then you can link this actually I'm gonna want one more so it's it's the way I want it to sit so that's something to keep in mind is jump rings are great at helping things sit properly on the earring hook so they're oriented correctly so just keep putting jump rings together until you have really the length you want it's got the little chain of jump rings right here just gonna put that on our earring hook and one thing I've liked I like a lot this year and I just think in general I like hearings that are themed but not matching so I've had a lot of fun personally mixing and matching charms where I have two different charms but they coordinate and they make sense that they're together but they're different like a moon and a star charm for instance so that's one of my favorite things I've done this year for jewelry making yeah definitely seeing that a lot in trends you know and especially with just one you know I've seen a lot of people wear just one stud post earring and then one sort of dangle earring so you kind of play with the dimension of it as well it's really fun it's a cool little trend I like it maybe two mixes it up a little you know and it does feel playful yeah it does so here we go just like that we have a little teapot and a little teacup earring so I love it that is fun to do so yeah so those are just a couple ideas really quick and easy charm jewelry so many charms hundreds and hundreds of charms really anything you can think of music charms cowboy charms oh yeah well and they can inspire your piece you know like let's say you actually had those earrings and you're like oh I didn't think that oh maybe I could just be Alice in Wonderland this year and get blue and white and then you have your earrings that it's so great yeah exactly hides it all together in this so that's a couple ideas yeah and why don't we go over to cache sure I am yes I've been inspired kind of by using commissions and some of the work that I've been doing and one of the things that I've done is before I talk about my cabochons I have a little thing for you guys so I have to confess one of my favorite movies this year was Wonder Woman so I made a pair of golden cuffs now these were created using the vintage patina here and this is the white gold color and just really simply you just sort of paint it on and it gives it that nice little shiny matte finish which is just lovely and if you wanted to go old-school Wonder Woman we do have the red star on top as well so just another little costume inspiration but this was so fast and just really really easy to do and it's just you just paint paint the cuffs and you get the pair of them so this is a project tutorial that is available at so you can get all of these supplies to make these lovely cuffs so speaking of cuffs oh and the cabochon is going back to that I just took one of our raw brass cuffs here and just added a few of these lucite cabochons now these are really easy to work with they're lovey-lovey and lightweight and you know Julie was talking about Aladdin and I was like oh this is kind of Egyptian or you know like a king or royal or queen you know so I was just like oh that's so great and I just love that idea of just kind of putting it onto one of those bracelet blanks and just making it a quick little cuff but you know what's funny is I see this stuff in the costume store yeah and it is and you know I'm just like I don't know if I would wear this on a regular basis let's say here let me open that up a little bit for my wrist but like you know I might wear that it's not terrible it's a little a little flashy but you know but anyway so I was also looking at some of our other blanks that we have and we have these great little stretch bracelets here and these are really nice because they actually fit the cabochon right inside of them so let's say you wanted to bring together a different piece or some sort of theme oh I had some captions here that are a little bit more Halloween themed so we have some skulls here and you know let's say I wanted to do something where I wanted to make it a little bit more of like a red rose kind of thing there's just a lot of kind of just crazy weird fun things you can do just by exploring what seems so simple yeah you know at the time of year to do that like I don't know so it's kind of interesting so what I'm gonna do actually is I'm gonna make a ring right now and I'm gonna use e6000 now generally we recommend this size however if you're you making a costume you might want this size so but I'm gonna use a little one for my thing here today so just to keep it nice and simple and I'm gonna choose one of my big cabochon here and this is just gonna be a nice little sort of statement piece and see it just gets them be 6,000 on my post-it now always protect your surface there and I'm just gonna take a toothpick and in two ingredients here I'm just gonna create this ring so all I'm gonna do is just kind of put some of that glue here move it towards the outside I'm gonna keep most of it in the center though that way it'll help prevent it from spilling over you don't want that and I think because I want to make something that's a little bit more timely I am going to use the owl so I have this lovely owl cabochon here you can see it's flat on the back and I have that lovely L shape on the front and all I need to do is just slip it into place I'm gonna hold it for just a moment but then my earring or my earring my ring is done and now I can wear that with my costume let's say I've wanted to do something that is just sort of fall and you know but then this is something this is something that I would wear all the time yeah to find out a little piece yeah it's just it was what 30s I guess but it's really great because then you can just take all the guesswork out of it cuz you can then find a cabochon find the ring finding that you want and just put it together and it's it's really really easy to do so absolutely all these great blanks ready to go so yeah I'm having to construct the piece of jewelry which is nice exactly yeah so if you're not a jewelry maker or don't want to deal with any of the fuss or muss this doesn't take any tools there's no tools with a lot of these I mean I think the most tool that you'll need is a toothpick and a paintbrush you know but that's it so you know if you don't have jewelry making tools like julie was using this is a great option to use for some of your jewelry as well yeah you know just and that way you can still kind of DIY your Halloween which is fun I mean I I love DIY in my Halloween yeah you know even if I do buy like a premade costume for my son or something I add something to it right exactly you know it's never just out of the box you know I always want to make it a little personal do a little something to it so that poison oh hey we have a question hi Beatrice oh um no you saw I put my cap on right away it's actually it's got a high viscosity so you're actually pretty good with the e6000 as long as you keep the cap on it shouldn't dry out so but also you can if you want you can buy multiple tubes of the small ones if you're worried about that but for the most part I think you can go if you're gonna be using a lot of it you can go with the bigger tube and just keep that cap on and you should be good to go yeah I think I've found mine like a year later it's still been okay as long as that caps on there so yeah it does last a while I do I'm sometimes I'll take this and I'll keep it in a plastic bag just sort of you know cuz sometimes it if it will view me because it is glue so you might smell it a little bit but it but also then if you keep it in plastic you're sure that it's not gonna dry out that's a little tip for you I think good tip and I actually do that with all my patinas all my TV anything that could spill I always put in plastic bags it's kind of like when you're traveling like I know that shampoo bottle is probably not gonna fill with just that one time that I don't want it in the plastic bag yeah exactly yeah so I'm just gonna come back over whoo I'm okay so if we look at what has happened right here so my bracelet uses a magnetic clasp which just caught my necklace I'm a great little tip I guess it's a little magnetic clasp so this is a bracelet I made and it used a skull charm chain and actually Kat has the other version of it over here so I have this here and this is the gunmetal Julie is wearing the matte black and the way that you can turn this into a bracelet now I embellished it with some little pearls and bicones but you wouldn't even have to you could just take a cut length of the chain and add two jump rings and the magnetic clasp and you will have a finished piece of jewelry so really really easy to do and I love putting on that at clasp jewelry because I feel like I don't have to do anything to it it makes it nice and easy and it's this this charm chain is also great because you kind of notice and I'm gonna actually kind of set it down to see if you can really get a good look at it so it is charm chain which means all of these little skulls here are their own individual little charms but they're attached with jump rings so what you could do is you could cut or open up some of these links here I think you actually have to cut these I believe these are soldered but you could also separate them and use them in a different format so if you wanted to just have one hanging you wouldn't need to have all of them so there's a lot of different ways especially to use that charm chain so just another little kind of tip if you just wanted to use it they almost look like table confetti oh are you noting that yeah I love table cups any messy but I love it alright so I'm going to show you one of my other favorite little quick and easy Halloween themed um projects I can say so I'm got these little beads right here and they are little pumpkin beads and every year I just love these so we have the top stem and we've got the main pumpkin and these are so quick and easy to turn into jewelry so maybe you just want to be Halloween themed for Halloween you don't necessarily want to be a character you just want to celebrate Halloween so you can go ahead and just put that on a head pin and then I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily make a little wrapped wire loop so I've got my wire looping pliers so they are round on one side concave on the other we're just going to go ahead use them and we've already done it's done half the work for for us bend that wire around and then twist and just like that we made a little loop and then we're just gonna go in trim it with our cutters and then go back tuck in our tail so we've just created a little pumpkin dangle now with this you can hang it from an earring hook or what I thought would be really fun is I just have some spare chain this is a great time to use up the it's and bits you have in your craft room so this was just some leftover chain from a project I'm just gonna from it and of course if I was making the pair I would measure it and I'd probably cut both my chain links first but since we're just always good always make sure yes you're not going back and Counting chain links after the fact but then they're oh yes happens more frequently than one would think as you get inspired you're just having fun it was like oh I got to make the other one right now how did I make the first one all right so just gonna put that jump ring through the end link hang it to our little pumpkin close up that jump ring and then on the other side we're just going to hang it from an earring hook so here's another earring it's quick it's easy it's Halloween themed and we're using those fun little pumpkins so just a little dangle earring of a pumpkin and you can do that with anything any of these charms like one of these little cookie ghosts be so cute there too so other options and I with you I would personally wear this all October you know I was like and it even kind of goes into November it's very harvest you know so it the thing that I like about that type of design is that it's not kitschy yeah it's actually very classic and it's nice and it's just a little nod to the season exam yeah and kind of makes me want some pumpkin pie I know well me maybe as I'm showing some things are just kind of fall inspired or harvesty I thought I'd just come over here real quick and just show some of them like these skulls are really oh yeah go ahead right because it's just alright and I love those too and those use the same little pumpkin charm they do so it's the same little pumpkin charm it's just like a cornucopia so this could be October November it's just kind of the fall autumn season so see that you can wear either of these just really for a couple months get a good life out of them and I love the cornucopia ones they're they use it's not a gold it's not a silver it's more of a brass and it's for an antique brass so you get sort of again those warmer tones this time of year so it's always a great thing to try to utilize as well absolutely yeah so maybe think along those lines to where you can be thinking true Halloween or you can just be thinking fall I think these earrings right here are very fall this is a kit we have as a fringe earring kit but I think the colors are just you know yeah like you said pumpkin one eye you're not Meg send them in oh we do have another question so Darla is asking or is letting us know that some of her metal pieces are turning green I wonder what they are is it is it a plated gold that you're working with because that is fairly unusual I will say I don't have it on our table here but vintage does make a metal sealer and there are a couple of other products that we have that are jewelry sealers so if you are working with something that might tarnish like it sounds like it's tarnishing a little bit and I would point you to anti tarnish papers and keeping them in plastic I know jewelry in plastic doesn't sound it's been nicest but it is the way to keep them fresh also I know a lot of people come to us with that same question and I just wonder like are you wearing perfumes or loading this or swimming or honestly just even extreme sun exposure a lot of stuff during the summer time just tends to tarnish a little bit just and that's just nature yeah unfortunately but there are ways to sort of protect it and keep your jewelry clean when you're when it's not in use yeah so if you are gonna wear perfume spray before you put on your jewelry yep I know a lot of people who spray on top of it and like she got me that those are sort of chemicals that some alcohol some things actually it might be reacting reacting yeah so that's something to keep in mind if you are gonna wear lotions you are going to wear perfumes just do that first as part of your routine and then put on your jewelry because that is that was my first thought was maybe I shouldn't perfume sunscreen type thing and you know what Nine's has 9 times out of 10 it usually is and then the other thing is it just protect your jewelry you know when you're not wearing it but make sure that what you're getting is high quality and we do have gold filled pieces if if you're looking at specifically gold and that's great to use for ear wires because it generally doesn't upset most ears I'll say that I know some people just very very sensitive it yours but we do have the jewelry shield that I'm talking about actually protects even the most sensitive ears so it's a great little free little thing to add especially if you're giving a gift and you're not sure if it's gonna you know sort of affect that person or whatnot so yeah that's a good tip well speaking of jewelry I feel like I want to show some of the jewelry pieces I was just gonna say let's dive in to show all these beautiful things that we have on our table here so why don't you kick it off here you got some you were just talking about some skulls okay so I really have fun with the Day of the Dead theme so these I'm going to scoot away these were first Samad earrings so they're really big and bold and lightweight so if you are doing like just a mod mod eighties roller derby anything like that that'd be fun but for Millett cap pronounces the Dia de los Muertos okay that was much prettier that's gonna be if I did it so I've got these earrings here and they're really colorful and they're utilizing the Rose theme the skull the bird and we've got a really pretty Lotus earring post here which is a tiara cast and this is a TR cast as well and some little this is a little pre-made chain bit so I didn't actually have to do that which was really nice it's a lot of work in there and then we got all of these really pretty metal flowers and I just glued them on so that's fun you can take any type of stamping blank and glue these flowers on using the e6000 glue and then there's different sizes of these gemstones skulls and they really come in all colors too so that's a really fun Halloween themed item or the Day of the Dead item also bones some bone beads and then these are not necessarily Day of the Dead but these are just some wonderful sparkly Swarovski crystal skeleton earrings and they're actually not all that heavy because we've gone head and we've used some light weight seed beads between the crystals so those are just a fun glitzy glittery project and we have some other skull jewelry using this röszke of Kat wants to point that out yes so what we have here is we actually what I did was I took the large hole beads here and we act I have one of those skulls that comes on one of those channels and let me just kind of move this out of the way here there you go so you can really see just sort of how that lays and that's a great little thing it's that European large whole style bead and we have a lovely little skull bear and we do have another skull at now this is the bead version that is on the earrings that Julie was just showing and he sits inside this little bead L charmed little ring and I just love that and again just that Swarovski crystal just stands out all by itself I love it these guys here are thank you Julian these are flatbacks skulls and these actually showcase the two sizes that we have we have the smaller one and the larger one here and this is the Banquo necklace and I love this this is done by our designer Rachel and it uses those flat backs again and just some of that a success and it always always goes back to that e success but over here those crystals were embedded using crystal clay so that's just a really a great little sort of you know what I love about that bangle is that you almost don't realize what it is until you look up close yeah very true and we didn't really talk about crystal clay in this class very much crystal clay is an epoxy two-part clay and a self hardening which means you don't have to bake it and so that the advantage of that is you mix it with your fingers we have lots of the videos on it actually and you can put all these crystals down into it you can set different objects down into it and it hardens on its own so if you're a familiar with like a polymer clay that you have to bake in the oven the advantage of an epoxy clay is that you don't have to bake it so you're going to be able to just let it air dry it's gonna be hard and durable it can make really fun projects with it yeah I was gonna say you heard it when I accidently yeah table it's it's nice and hard and stiff so you don't have to worry about that so yeah so just lovely lovely little ideas with you know just different media's and you know just a lot to do with all kinds of different things here so absolutely oh we have another crisp question hi Angie she has a lot of sculpey that have very large holes and she's not sure what to do with them what would you say so what I would suggest uh and just asking about no it's okay I just in case you didn't hear Angie's asking that she has a lot of school beads that have large holes so what could you do to sort of make them sit properly and kind of fit so unfortunately I did not pull out any seed beads at all for this um table of ours but one time in our history that no seed beads around this table what I would do is um if you look here at the skull bead so this is like a medium sized hole it's not terribly large I have a feeling that Angie's holes are larger than this let me just see if this even okay so a lot of head pins would pull through a larger hole what I would recommend doing is either pairing it with a bead cap on either side like you see that I did here this lined it up better for me in this particular instance as well or you could put a larger like even a seed bead or a bicone bead if that hole is really large what I would do and this is something I do actually with european-style large hole beads mhmmm is I take a head pin I put a bicone like a four millimeter on it I then put on my bead that has a larger hole the bicone will actually sit halfway into it but it stabilizes it and then I do the same exact thing on the other side so it's really like sandwiched between these two pi cones and then you can create a wrapped wire loop or a simple wire loop however you want to then fix it to the rest of your project well and it just kind of showcasing what you did here these are slightly larger yes but I am noticing you used the micro spacers and I'm here at the top but those could also be used on either end because they're a little bit squatter they kind of have a doughnut shape so if you want to use something it that you don't really want to see that would be a great option to use is those micro spacers and you go so wire wrap it you could in theory put enough you could wire through it several times yep day belies it and then do some type of wrapping up top so that would be another option for you as well yeah because this actually the wire wrapping that you did up top helped it from even just twisting around because you wanted it obviously to face forward and that's sort of an a great little just tip with with many beads you know that have those large holes exactly so in gemstones the you know the holes on gemstones and pearls especially they can vary so greatly so yeah so we're always looking of like okay well how do I make it sit properly because sometimes you'll get a head pin in there and then your beautiful you know so wire beads my tongs think of ways of sandwiching it think of it ways I'm anchoring it there's definitely a way of working with those beads so you can use them definitely they'll be able to be incorporate into a project and we'd be more than happy to go ahead and show you some of those techniques and quick tips to I think those are very quick tip videos and yeah we have a whole series of quick tip videos that you know it's just like stuff that we just think of and we're like oh you know what I bet someone is asking that question how do you just stabilize my bead and it's it's very simple stuff but it's like sometimes you have to experiment a lot and we get the joy of getting to experiment a lot so then we want to bring those videos and those tips to you guys Sam absolutely but actually I want to do a little giveaway reminder here if you are just joining us on our livestream here so this is what we are giving away today this is a $50 value and we have our jack-o'-lantern peyote bracelet kits you'll get all you need to create this lovely kit we also have another kit here this is the gravestone Nevermore earrings so they're really lovely and then as we were talking Juli was sort of going over some fun things to do with charms and I was talking about some of those lovely cabochons so you can make some rings or I even have some earring pads and backs here that I provided for you and of course we're giving you your own East 6000 and this actually reminds me that I want to go back and talk a little bit about how to make those hair pins with just lovely little sort of kapa Shan's so I'm going to actually do that right now so all you need to do to win the giveaway here is to just leave a comment on this post and we're gonna be giving it away live so make sure you're leaving your comment now but of course if you're watching this and it's not live be sure to still leave comments too we love to hear from you guys as well alright so I'm gonna talk just about these and these came out because my niece wanted something to wear to her Halloween party in class they couldn't do costumes yet for Halloween so they're having a big Halloween parade at school so but she wanted to wear something that was a little festive so I created these guys and I'm just gonna show you how easy and fast this comes together and what's really great is you'll notice for a lot of our items especially so these orange pads here you'll get 10 - a lot now for the black pads here you'll get 12 - a lot but that does mean that you can make 10 your hair pins ear pins yikes tiny hair pins but it's actually really nice and easy so a little tiny dab of e6000 there and you don't want to do too much and I'm just sort of twirling my toothpick all right so now I'm going to show you just a neat little trick so I have it on my table there I'll put it on the yellow so you can see it and I'm just gonna go face down so I can Center it and press down so I'm just gonna hold that for just a just a couple of minutes there but you can see how it turns out here so really like just nice and easy and it this will set in just a second but okay here we go oh yeah so that's just a fun little way and you know if I just wore like - in my hair it's just a little nod to the classic colors of black and orange for Halloween I'm a super cute yeah I was like there's very charming just cute and just tiny and adorable uh-huh I love tiny and or you know so but yeah and you know again with the with the gluing on ear pads I was inspired to make sort of a gatsby esque design here and these are just vintage style cabochons here so if you're going as Gatsby your twenties or anything that's sort of vintage or Victorian you know this is a great little again quick and easy thing where you could wear these year-round you know but it's a nice little way to sort of bring it all together and it's just a nice little earring back and a pad so super quick super easy I'm all about it another thing that I know is super quick because I watched you do it is so fun and I'm sure people than seeing this on the table through the video favorite thing this is amazing so what was your thought on this one okay so we were looking up top Halloween costumes and believe it or not year after years it is a gumball machine and I was like I bet I could make an accessory together so I took pom-poms and East 6000 and one of our blank bracelet cuffs and made a gumball party cuff I just thought it was just so fun and goodness actually really hate just like it's so colorful and you know it it's funny it's so soft you almost just want to like just touch it but yeah so again it's just about thinking outside of the box and how you can accessorize something because a lot of the gumball costumes I saw was a very colorful top a red miniskirt and then just like they had like a little 25 cent gumball hat that they had made and I was like that's so cute and that just a little cuff just sort of brings the whole thing together and you know in just a kind of a simple fun way now I don't know if I'd worry about all year round but I might I love that I love that I'm sorry do you want to show some more pieces and well I think what I'm gonna show in our pieces I take a little bit more time we're getting into some more complicated I yeah a little bit more prep work these are some oh my gosh I love these either by our designer Alexandra and they're candy corn earrings using circular brick stitch so if you love bead weaving or loom work or kumihimo or crochet is really fun to be able to theme your jewelry this time of year so you can pick a really great color palette or she was like inspired by this charm so that's a great thing to do I know Kat made this bracelet and actually it's two bracelets yeah so this is so both of these the pair of earrings that Julie just showed and this one here these are Miyuki Delica pellets that we have so what I wanted to do is I wanted to kind of play around with the negative space by creating two bracelets and the other two sort of natural Halloween colors are gonna be that green and purple sort of that kind of Beetlejuice which color is he a twitchy so but then I wanted to kind of put them together so when you layer them on top you kind of get this fun little kind of rain though effect of those Halloween colors or you could wear them separately so just some fun stuff but yeah that's just endless peyote stitch that is just stitched together and you create those lovely little loops and look at that class how cute is that so I love one thing I love about our classes that we do here live is I get to see some stuff that I don't normally see yeah you know like I'll see you working on or you'll see me working on it isn't I used to see the finished pieces good I hadn't I didn't know you finished it like that that's so cute so that's a great one and then loom work here that's a fun way of cooperating a pattern you can do a theme you can do like she's got the bat and the kitty cats and the pumpkins I love that and I love the way she's edged it as well it's just a really nice and these slide clasts provide a really nice sleek finish so those are really really great to work with too and we also have some beaded crochet here with again just by adding that nice little charm on the end sort of brings the whole thing together and let's see oh you know these were I think the me piece last year these were done by our designer Rachel and these are the butterscotch candy earrings so of course Halloween is all about candy as well so this is the end again it's just another little sort of nod to the season and I just kind of like that and those are Swarovski crystals so we have another question okay so the question is from Pat and he uses skull beads on the racket loom yeah yeah yeah it looks like their beard they have a hole in them so you might have to work on stabilizing them a little bit so that would be a little bit of experimenting just dependent on the size of the hole and just how they sit so the rat bit loom has basically two like a parallel cord so I guess outer cords you could say and your sandwich in beads between those parallel cords if you're not familiar with it so we just might need to see how they're gonna sit in that space and you might need to add a seed bead or bicone or something to both sides of them so that they sit facing forward and are anchored properly but yeah you can definitely use them yeah cuz the holes on those as Julie has still on her head pin they're drilled bottom to top so you'll you'll get them and they'll kind of sit facing around wrists so they won't sit up and down if that makes sense because you're rapping sideways on the rapid lean but yeah you could definitely do it and I think I think that's a great idea yeah that would be really fun we love the rapid limb we have a lot of fun with constantly are finding more things that you can do with I know there's gonna be some more videos here and just just a little while sneak sneak but okay oh I didn't want to say like the idea of taking jewelry that you might already have and kind of turning it into a costume so this is a piece that I had done actually quite a long time ago but these little earrings here use that aluminum fabric and I just think disco Queen if you're going is like the 70s or something and you just want to bring that together so this is a great way to again either make jewelry that you can wear again or use jewelry that you might already have and sort of elevate it to a costume idea because I think that's always really fun you know use what you have add to it you know make it something new let a friend borrow it get it back but that's always a great thing to and again like just some little owl earrings here it's very Harry Potter but again just seasonal your name or maybe you have something like friend says I don't know if I have any samples here but you might have like what was I looking at here like I was looking at these little owls like let's say you had maybe even I'm earring that's just like a loop like that you have just a simple little plain earring just had a charm to it that says you can put something on a head pin an eye pin a jump ring so you might just have a really elegant simple piece of jewelry and just hang a charm on you've already got the earring hook you've already got the construction made yeah and that's a way of just taking it to that you know spirit of Halloween spirit of fall level without having go to a lot of work or a lot of expense yeah exactly and you know there's just there's so many things that you can do so just have fun and explore and honestly a lot of the stuff that we've talked about today is inexpensive and I know like we were saying costumes are expensive so but this is a great chance for you to just get it together and just play and have fun with it and you know this is why we're also doing this class early on in October that you guys have plenty of time to find out what you're gonna be think about it earlier don't let go the last minute but then you can just kind of have fun and and that so stressful sound yeah so be sure to keep leaving comments of what you guys want to be for Halloween or what your kids are gonna be or something like that so that would be great to hear and we do have another question hi Maria oh okay so the question for Maria is can handmade jewelry match the quality of store-bought jewelry and I would say absolutely yes and in some cases definitely exceed the quality I was just gonna say I was like I've been just some costume shops and sometimes it's like will this last the night yeah I honestly I think if you're if you're doing it well made you know and just doing proper techniques of things then there's no reason why it shouldn't last you a long time I'm actually east 6000 is very strong it holds up very well I have a lot of pieces that have had for years so if you are doing gluing and you're using e6000 so that's really part of the equation is using the right ingredients if you were just say using like a white glue like an L immerse or something like that you're trying to glue it on it's probably not gonna hold up for you right but if you're using something like e6000 it will if you really want height like we've been talking about doing this in a really affordable way you can't elevate it you can use sterling silver you can use gold filled you can use silver filled if you really want to invest that maybe you're making pieces that you think you're gonna want to wear time and again or that are seasonal and not necessarily for one night you definitely do that but even the silver plated and the gold plated they're nice quality they're gonna hold up they're gonna be a really nice piece of jewelry and a lot of those components are the same components that designers who sell their jewelry and stores are using well I was just gonna say I was like we did talk a lot about the Swarovski crystal which is a great utilization of you know sort of a higher-end item that will last you and I don't think we touched on it so there's this beautiful necklace here and this uses the Swarovski double spike beads and it is just gorgeous and but this piece this is handmade by us here at beadaholique and you know the thing is it could be a piece of costume jewelry but it doesn't have to be so I think that's also you know kind of what we've been talking about of think about what you could wear outside of your costume or you know what you can kind of bring to it but I absolutely think that handmade jewelry is sometimes almost better made than a lot of a costume costume jewelry that you might find Sam hmm are you gonna make it however you want it yeah I was like and then it's custom custom yeah so actually speaking of if you wanted to make some Halloween jewelry and Swarovski crystal we have our lovely Halloween earring kits now like I said you're gonna get the Nevermore earring Nevermore gravestone earring kit with your giveaway if you should win it today but this is a great way to sort of introduce some of those jewelry techniques where you're going to be making some simple wire loops you're gonna be cutting some chain you're gonna be opening jump rings so again it's a simple technique but they're well made and you're you're using Swarovski crystal so it doesn't look I hate using this where it doesn't look cheap you know I was like the idea is to not look cheap but just to look like you know oh it's it is gonna be DIY but I think those look really lovely and I've seen very many you know a lot of styles like that in stores and you know again good just going back to the charms those use the tierracast charms but you could put any charm that you wanted or let's say you know you were gonna use the carriage charm that Julie was talking about with if you're gonna be a princess or Cinderella or something you could add pink and white bicones or blue and whatever you know so it just kinda it brings together that it doesn't have to be kitschy it can be actually very classic absolutely and if you're new to jewelry making we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos on how to so even everything from how to open a jump ring how to make a wire loop to how to do loom work how to do peyote so we can walk you through it if you're worried about the integrity of your piece if you are new to it and you're not sure if you're gonna be able to you know create a piece that will be solid yeah and be of a good construction follow along on our videos we have of course our YouTube channel you can subscribe to it always be notified of new videos but we will walk you through each step of the way we also have guides on our website which will be like you're new to beading start here and it's gonna show you where to start and walk you really from the very beginning all the way up to more advanced techniques and we're here for you to ask us questions Facebook is a great way of you know like commenting and asking us questions on Facebook or ask us questions on YouTube send questions to customer service for us we're really there to help you if you do get stuck along the way yeah and everything that you see here guys is available at it's the resource for all of our inspirations and where we go you know to I mean of course we shop our own stuff but but you know it's it's a lovely place to be able to kind of find all of these DIY type of pieces here but you know I think the thing that I was just sort of thinking as Julie was talking is the word DIY or the phrase DIY has kind of become synonymous with inexpensive or not great quality and I really find that to be not true you know you can't find it but most of the people who are doing DIY now want to make really good stuff so that it lasts so that their stuff is you know timeless and whatnot so I don't know I think I think I like DIY stuff but even if I don't like the phrase but do-it-yourself so yeah alright so one last kick to our giveaway before we are ready to kind of wrap things up I'm going to show you one more thing before we do that though but just a last little look at our giveaway here you're gonna get all of these lovely pieces you're gonna be able to make some projects right away once you receive this so that's always nice to have you're gonna get two kids some lovely charms and some cabochon x' with some e6000 and some findings to go with that as well and I just want to talk really quick about these bales here and you can see that I have made this lovely choker necklace here and this is just really simple so all I did was take that little bail and I glued it to the back of my cabochon there and added a black ribbon and tie in a bow so there are no other tools no other findings nothing else that you need to create just a nice little sort of choker style for that and the last thing I want to say about sort of costume jewelry is I have a piece here and this uses the hotfix and hotfix is a Sourav ski crystal that has a sort of glue on the back that is activated by heat so these are hotfix here so you can see it kind of looks studded on the front but on the back nothing so what it is is they look like this here and I actually kind of already did a few pieces on my table here but the back has that lovely little glue piece and you can kind of see it it's got a little bit of that rose color there so what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to do this with my tool just really quick right here just while we're picking our giveaway winner I'll kind of see what I can do so this is the hotfix tool and it is the cordless version so what I'm going to do is just sort of open that up and I'm gonna turn it on and you can see that it has a nice little light at the end of it and that'll sort of help and you can see where it's gonna go there but what you want to do is you just want to take your rhinestone and I'll just place mine just right there I'm just going to give this just another minute or two to kind of warm up this is a great tool and this again I'm using this with the ultra suede here but you can do this with a lot of different fabrics and so what I'm gonna do here is I'm just gonna go up on over top and place it down I'm just gonna hold it for just just about thirty seconds or so just let that glue sort of activate and it's gonna glue it right on to my ultra suede oops I don't think I let it heat up enough it's hard to be patient when you want to be creative I know I'm just like can I can I just make this happen a faster please alright let's see if it's heated up a little bit more now I should have opened my tool beforehand all right and there we go and it is on there oops nope it's not I lied I'm just kidding this is tarawa this totally works I swear my goodness no it's one of those things that does have to heat up yeah I said like I said I should have opened it a minute or two questions oh good okay so Pat is asking one of the top six holds permanently for a long time and the answer is yes mm-hmm it really does secure it on there if you look at your back no no of course I'm sorry to reach in front of you if you look at the back of these crystals you see they do have that glue coating on it it is not activated so it's dry at this point but it is the hotfix tool that will activate it and then is gonna be secured on there so they are men they use these a lot for costumes for dancers gymnast you know ballerinas ice skaters you know people who are moving a lot whose costumes get a lot of wear that's what these are usually used for and so they have to be really strong and permanent yeah it's a it's a great for a lot of dance costumes and cheerleading that kind of thing oh yeah I've seen people affixed these two ribbons and just many other sort of fabrics as well so but yes see now it's on there okay I let it I gave it enough time everybody we do have another question as well yeah so that is nice and tight on there and again like you don't see it at all on the back of the ultra suede here so just another fun little thing to sort of use if you want to add a little sparkle or glitz to your costumes okay gotcha so of the questions regarding allergies and earring findings so you can do there's a lot of options surgical steel and always I know for a lot of people who have sensitive ears nickel is usually the culprit so you can find something that's nickel free a surgical steel is probably your best bet and again just making sure that you're cleaning any jewelry that you have and the jewelry shield that's the other thing that I would recommend yeah so if you are sensitive definitely check the content of the metal mm-hmm yeah yeah and that jewelry shield you can actually get at so that's a great look and it comes and it looks almost like a little nail polish kind of paint on and it's clear and it looks like clear nail polish but this is definitely formulated to sort of protect your ears and to protect the metal around it yeah it's good to use okay all right and we have a giveaway winner so this will be the winner of our Halloween giveaway and the winner is Jill Lewis so congratulations we will be sending this to you and we'll get out right away so you have plenty of time to make these items before Halloween's yeah I won see make some stuff we would love you to send us pictures yeah that would be really fun so congratulations Jill Thank You Jill and thank you to everyone who kind of tuned and I hope I know it was a little unconventional for us to kind of just talk costume stuff but I think this was really fun and I love Halloween I enjoy kind of you know I wish I had more days of being able to dress up but you know then people start to look at me funny thank you so much for joining us today I am cat and this is Julie and it's been a great time and we'll see you next time right here on life okay thank you so much guys you

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