Swarovski Flatback Rhinestone Size Chart

Learn how pp and ss measurements equate to millimeters, a more commonly used measurement in jewelry making and beyond for Swarovski Crystal flatback rhinestones.

Pearl Plate Size (pp) Stone Size (ss) Millimeter Size (mm)
11pp 5ss 1.8 mm
13pp 6ss 2.0 mm
15pp 7ss 2.2 mm
17pp 8ss 2.3 mm
19pp 9ss 2.6 mm
21pp 10ss 2.8 mm
24pp 12ss 3.0 mm
31pp 16ss 4.0 mm
n/a 20ss 4.7 mm
n/a 30ss 6.4 mm
n/a 34ss 7.1 mm
n/a 40ss 8.6 mm
n/a 42ss 9.1 mm
n/a 48ss 11.0 mm
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