Swarovski Crystal Color Chart

Swarovski Color Chart

Swarovski crystal beads, pendants, rhinestones, and fancy stones come in a rainbow of color and finishes. See at a glance all Swarovski crystal colors on their digital color chart. Note: Not all colors may be available in all styles. If you would like to request a bulk order of a color we currently do not carry, please contact our customer service team.

Swarovski Color Chart

View/Download the PDF: Swarovski Crystal Digital Color Chart PDF (2.25MB, ©2020) 

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The below text version of the digital color chart contains names of colors, coatings, and effects. Check back soon for a clickable version linking to available styles for each color. 


Crystal Scarlet Sapphire Emerald
White Alabaster Ruby Capri Blue Olivine
White Opal Siam Majestic Blue Greige
Light Silk Burgundy Dark Indigo Light Grey Opal
Silk Fuchsia Montana Light Colorado Topaz
Light Peach Amethyst Turquoise Jonquil
Rosaline Iris Light Turquoise Citrine
Rose Water Opal Cyclamen Opal Blue Zircon Yellow Opal
Vintage Rose Light Amethyst Indicolite Light Topaz
Light Rose Violet Indian Sapphire Sunflower
Rose Smoky Mauve Denim Blue Topaz
Blush Rose Provence Lavender Black Diamond Tangerine
Rose Peach Purple Velvet Pacific Opal Light Smoked Topaz
Padparadscha Tanzanite Chrysolite Opal Smoked Topaz
Indian Pink Light Sapphire Chrysolite Graphite
Fireopal Light Azore Peridot Jet
Hyacinth Aquamarine Erinite
Light Siam Air Blue Opal Fern Green



Crystal Silver Shade Crystal Iridescent Green1/* White Opal Shimmer1 White Opal Aurore Boreale
Crystal Moonlight Crystal Dorado1/* Rose Water Opal Shimmer1 Light Peach Aurore Boreale
Crystal Aurore Boreale1 Crystal Metallic Light Gold1/* Light Siam Shimmer1 Blush Rose Aurore Boreale
Crystal Shimmer1 Crystal Bronze Shade* Rose Shimmer Light Rose Aurore Boreale
Crystal Luminous Green Crystal Light Chrome1/* Rose Peach Shimmer1 Fireopal Aurore Boreale
Crystal Golden Shadow Crystal Comet Argent Light* Rose Shimmer 2x Hyacinth Aurore Boreale
Crystal Metallic Sunshine1/* Crystal Silver Night1/* Siam Shimmer1 Light Siam Aurore Boreale
Crystal Rose Gold1/* Jet Hematite1/* Amethyst Shimmer1 Scarlet Aurore Boreale
Crystal Copper* Cyclamen Opal Shimmer1 Rose Aurore Boreale
Crystal Astral Pink CRYSTAL PATINA EFFECTS Light Amethyst Shimmer1 Fuchsia Aurore Boreale
Crystal Red Magma* Crystal Silver Patina Light Sapphire Shimmer1 Ruby Aurore Boreale
Crystal Antique Pink* Aquamarine Shimmer1 Siam Aurore Boreale
Crystal Paradise Shine1/* FULL COATING Black Diamond Shimmer Amethyst Aurore Boreale
Crystal Vitrail Medium* Crystal Comet Argent Light FC* Pacific Opal Shimmer1 Iris Aurore Boreale
Crystal Lilac Shadow Crystal Aurore Boreale FC Chrysolite Opal Shimmer1 Purple Velvet Aurore Boreale
Crystal Heliotrope* Crystal Astral Pink FC Peridot Shimmer Tanzanite Aurore Boreale
Crystal Metallic Blue1/* Crystal Iridescent Green FC Erinite Shimmer1 Violet Aurore Boreale
Crystal Blue Shade* Crystal Bronze Shade FC Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer1 Light Amethyst Aurore Boreale
Crystal Scarabaeus Green*/*** Crystal Metallic Blue FC* Yellow Opal Shimmer1 Smoky Mauve Aurore Boreale
Crystal Rainbow Dark 2x* Light Topaz Shimmer1 Light Sapphire Aurore Boreale
Light Azore Aurore Boreale
SATIN EFFECTS AB EFFECTS Aquamarine Aurore Boreale
Crystal Satin* Emerald Aurore Boreale Olivine Aurore Boreale
Light Peach Satin* Capri Blue Aurore Boreale Lt. Colorado Topaz Aurore Boreale
Light Siam Satin* Majestic Blue Aurore Boreale Jonquil Aurore Boreale
Aquamarine Satin* Montana Aurore Boreale Yellow Opal Aurore Boreale
Crystal Aurore Boreale Satin* Turquoise Aurore Boreale Light Topaz Aurore Boreale
Light Rose Satin* Blue Zircon Aurore Boreale Topaz Aurore Boreale
Rose Satin* Indicolite Aurore Boreale Lt. Smoked Topaz Aurore Boreale
Jonquil Satin* Indian Sapphire Aurore Boreale Smoked Topaz Aurore Boreale
Black Diamond Aurore Boreale Graphite Aurore Boreale
Chrysolite Aurore Boreale Jet Aurore Boreale
Peridot Aurore Boreale Erinite Aurore Boreale


Colors and effects can appear different when illuminated with different light sources. Swarovski uses standard light source D50 for color decision and comparison. Slight changes in shades are unavoidable. Colors may vary according to cut and foiling.

1Effect also comes in 2x.
*Crystals are not resistant to plating and similar processing.
***Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Non-italicized names = Classic Colors/Effects
Italicized names = Exclusive Colors/Effects

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