Product Guide: Easy & Elegant Jewelry with Swarovski

Easy & Elegant Jewelry with Swarovski

A design does not need to be complicated to be beautiful. You can spend 10 hours bead weaving an intricate pair of earrings or 10 minutes hanging "a thing on a thing," and in both instances still end up with a beautiful piece of jewelry. The key to making a simple piece of jewelry stand out is to start with quality materials. Swarovski crystal beads and pendants are the perfect foundation to build a design from. Because Swarovski components are of such excellent quality, and the designs require very little time to make, consider pairing the crystals with sterling silver, silver filled or gold filled components. These finer materials can add to the overall elegant feel and value of the piece, and if you're making jewelry to sell, you will be able to set a higher selling price. These components also tend to stand up better to wear and will last many years, making them the perfect choice for creating heirloom jewelry.

Jewelry Making Techniques

Before you start, you will want to master 3 basic techniques: How to Open and Close a Jump Ring , How to Create a Simple Wire Loop , and How to Make a Wrapped Wire Loop . With just these three techniques under your belt, you will be able to make an infinite number of designs. See our instructional videos below for some ideas and step-by-step instructions on transforming Swarovski components into beautiful jewelry.

Featured Video: How to Choose a Pinch Bail for Pendants

See some of our other videos for even more design options:

Project Tutorials

Not sure where to start? Here are some projects that all took less then 10 minutes to create and feature luxurious Swarovski components.

Browse through our free beading projects for more design ideas for using Swarovski components.

Recommended Products

See below for recommended supplies that will get you on your way to making beautiful high-end jewelry quickly and easily!

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